Friday, June 23, 2006

i wonder

Dear God,
I know you are very busy but hopefully you might have the time to answer a couple questions for me. First let me tell you how much i thoroughly enjoy being a mom to my 3 boys. But why did you give me the ability to give birth to 3 such "healthy" babies, and not make my bladder strong enough to handle the ordeal? Also I was wondering, how is it my sons can hit a ball with a little stick, perform any number of acrobatic receptions on a football field, and hit a moving target (usually a sibling) with a paintball gun, but they can not manage to relieve themselves without making puddles on the floor or seat? Finally, so as not to take any more of your time, why do boys think their room is clean if all they have done is throw everything on their bed?
Your answers would be greatly appreciated as these questions have plagued me for years. Thank you.

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Brewster said...

LOL I know a few girls that are that way with their rooms as well!!! The bathroom thing, in a house full of women, I learned to go sitting down. LOL