Tuesday, June 13, 2006

home again, home again

we came home today, in spite of the PERFECT beach conditions this morning, i tried to talk the kids into staying one more day. but damn my lessons on the importance of committment, the middle guy did not want to let his team down. and they lost anyway. but we did have a wonderful time, the weather wasn't so great a couple of the days, but hanging out with my sister was a blast. we are good for each other, she always makes me realize i am way less nuts than she is, and my kids ALWAYS make her less focused on the fact she is not yet married, or has children.

i learned something this past weekend, my siter must be amazing at her job, she was given a gigantor promotion while i was there. i love her to death, but we are talking about a woman who obsessed over how much chicken to bring to a family get together for 2 weeks. she ended up bringing enough to feed everyone at Cedar Point that weekend. she still thinks cheezits are a food group, and laughs at farts. i just cannot imagine her making life or death decisions (literally) for hundreds of people, but she has and can, and is getting paid the bucks to do so. so YAY!

we did have a great time, we went to the Va Beach Aquarium the one day, it was very nice. hit it up if you're in the area. went to batting cages and driving ranges. played some mini golf, and ATE lots and lots and lots, and then a little more. OK i really didn't think you could eat until you felt nasueus...you can. and we learned that even though my youngest is almost 8, he will still spill a full soda at least twice during any vacation.

now this weekend i am headed home to "shower" my almost sister in law with many baby gifts, and visit my baby sister and 2 brothers and sister in law and (sigh) my parents.

i had so much i wanted to write but now it is escaping me..i'm tired.i'll be back.

i know the big one needs a haircut...jeez.

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Brewster said...

I am glad you had a good time. It is always nice to be able to spend time with family no matter how nutty they or you can be.