Sunday, June 04, 2006

vacation memories

Vacations are looming ahead (woohoo!!!!!), starting this upcoming weekend i am heading to Va beach to visit my sister for a few, then to Albany for my soon to be born nephew's baby shower, then i am going solo with my g/f's to AC for a couple days. the first week in July the hubs and chillins and i are going to the beach for a week.

most people right about this time will be dreaming ahead to the sun and sand, or visiting the relatives, lazy days etc. not this family, oh no. we are thinking ahead to the FOOD. it's almost embarrassing to write, but it's true. pizza that actually tastes like pizza, a cheesesteak that isn't a steakum with american cheese put on top, boardwalk fries with MALT vinegar , BAGELS sweet bagels,crispy on the outside, warm and chewy inside,and no one says to you "do you want it toasted?" because that would be a crime. calling for sushi to be delivered, and a roast beef sandwich where the roast beef is almost still rare. these are things that should never be taken for granted.

because i grew up east coast and my hubs traveled a couple years in the military before we moved in together we both have a palate for good food. ok who doesn't? but we have tasted it, lived it and enjoyed it. added to the fact before the kids schedules got hectic we would sit around on a friday and say man i feel like some we would head up to NYC for the weekend. mmm cheesesteak? down to Philly. we traveled alot. we were spoiled. we are now paying the price.

the food where i live SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. it really sucks. i ordered a pizza last night and was reminded why i gave up my favorite sausage and peppers. you are either going to get green peppers or mild to hot pepper rings. i specifically asked "do you have SWEET pepper strips?" um yeah was the answer. ummm NO they were not sweet pepper strips you pizza man loser. even in a city as large as Pittsburgh, i have yet to find something truly enjoyable. everyone looks to cabbage like it were a god around here. WTF is wrong with all of you?

you can't even find the good ingredients in the stores to attempt to create it at home. i know it's time to get outta here and consume mass quantities. last night i had a dream about those little hawaiian bananas i lived on last summer. it is sad. the calories i will consume while on vacation will also be sad, but at least i'll be smiling.

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