Wednesday, June 14, 2006

vaca pt 2

hmph...ran around ALL morning, thinking i would have a couple hours to do laundry, clean up, look for the cat who seems to be boycotting us since our return. no f***n way man. instead i will be out again, my darling considerate hub failed to mention to me this morning or yesterday evening there were things he was needing done before i leave. then tommorrow, when i have not one second of time to spare, he will be whining i have no time for him. (i love my life ...i love my life...i love my life)

so a brief list of vacation tidbits before i forget them

it seems as though 95% of Virginians must have personalized license plates, these are some incredibly creative folks. i believe "fsh nked" was our favorite

i very much enjoyed being in a place where people not only understood my "got gibbs" t shirt, but they also liked it

i remember road rage, and was shocked at how quickly it can return

all "all you can eat" seafood buffets are not created equally, the one should have said, all you can eat, leave without a disease and your meal is free. we didn't stay

maximum time i should ever attempt to spend in the car with all 3 kids is now down to 2.5 hours.

7 year old boys do not believe you when you threaten to throw them out the sunroof..they laugh. and list other scenarios for which i may also threaten that. then they sulk and try to make you feel pity for their situation.

it was a great trip, the youngest even took my sister aside so he could buy me a specail gift. how sweet is he? and i realized the ocean is my drug of choice. ideally the ocean in Hawaii, but hey the Atlantic will suffice. the only way i could drag myself away was reassuring myself i will be back in a couple weeks.

fianally nothing brings out the little kid in my oldest like the water, he reminded me of his little boy self. of course then he would get out of the water and open his big yap and ruin my moment....but i'm used to that.

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Brewster said...

All in all it still sounds as if you had a great time.