Friday, April 28, 2006


I very unceremoniously finished off the last of the "good" Easter candy this morning. yes i said this morning, there was one egg of m&m's left and my coffee was taking too long. i needed something...STAT.... there are still jelly beans, runts, nerds, you know kid candy left, but the good stuff is gone. i am starting to think i may have been a little too used to my chocolate stash. i've been struggling to stay mobile all afternoon, and have been sticking my grubby hand in the basket in search of anything. stary m&m, hidden reese mini, anything will do at this point.

i better send a kid in to pay for gas later or i may walk out with more than i need. this happens to me every Easter and halloween. i swear i will leave the candy to the kids. it is just too powerful. now i have to revert to diet coke until i rid myself of this addiction. i curse my weaknesses.

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