Wednesday, April 26, 2006


ok i have spent the morning reading blogs, then decided to look through the mail which has been piling up in my in box, big mistake...i realize i have yet to file my 943...which is the report for with holding taxes for ag employers. it was due 2/10/06...Nice year we are paid in full and i'm still gonna owe those biotches $$$$.

so figuring i'm already late what the heck is one more day...i am watching this

in case you do not know me well, you probably don't, that is the view from, i am obsessed. i find myself reloading to make my own little slide show and pretend i am sitting at huggos, which is java on the rocks in the am, gabbing with my sistas, having a lovely kona coffee, watching the sun come over the mountain (sigh), now i really am depressed....think i'll have a pity party and come back later... :)

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