Friday, April 21, 2006

about the country

as you may have guessed, i grew up on the east coast, and 14 years ago moved to the boonies of PA. although originally a separate area of the boonies, they are all pretty much the same. just on a different side of the state. and actually the longer i live here i realize, there are people who would say i don't even live in the boonies, in fact we almost moved to a house that was 30 miles from almost anything. (although i constantly tell hubby, there is no way in H E L L i would have agreed to that one)

as the years have gone by i must admit, i have grown to enjoy it. there are days that i long to walk to everything i want to do, and i would love the closest Panera to be less than a 45 min drive, a library would again be a huge building with mountains of information, and my children would be a bit more cultured. but the things i enjoy here grow with every year.

i can throw the grease from a pan out the door, and noone but my grass cares,

disposing of the Christmas tree means putting it on the deck, and having the kids drag it in the spring to the woods behind my house.

i have my own ponds, and there are no strange men hanging out at them after dark.

my grass can grow a little high, and there is no law to tell me it needs to be cut, my kids stuff can be strewn everywhere, and i do not worry if someone will fall on it and sue me

i can see more stars at night than i knew even existed when i was young, and my kids know the night sky is truly limitless

my garden does not have to be in pots, unless i want it to

when i first moved from the city i knew i was doing it for my son, who was the only one i had at the time. and i used to say when the kids grew up, i would probably move back to civilization, but now i honestly have to wonder.

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Anonymous said...

You know you miss the city. The perverts, buses, fumes, noise, The Teenagers and Drunk Drivers (that one is for you Jake), and the scummy books in the library. Those books that always have boogers stuck to the pages. Who says Albany is a city anyway?
I do miss the museum. I wish this thing had spell check.