Friday, April 28, 2006

yea spring

spring cleanup is next week. for people with a regular city wide garbage department, spring cleanup means nothing to you. you put your trash out, any trash, on the alotted night and by morning...viola...garbage has disappeared. not round here..OH NOOOO...i am allowed to place no more than 4, 30 gallon bags at the end of my driveway once a week. and i have to pay them $160 a year to take them away. hellooo..4 stinkin bags, who are they kidding? my bags always weigh more than my 7 year old.

which is why i am so excited for spring cleanup, once a year i get to throw away ANYTHING, as long as it contains no freon, and limited to 1 piece of furniture. adios broken blue chair that i want to throw up every time i look at it. goodbye piles of cardboard that have been taking up valuable skating space in the garage since Christmas. toodles to the mounds of junk that has been sitting under my deck since that weekend in Feb when i finally purged the playroom. you are all history.

plus there is the added bonus of putting the kids to work this weekend. finally a chance to get back for the $27 in downloads to the cell phone, or the mysterious itunes charge on my cc. remember that hollister hoodie you were going to die without? how bout those new wheels and trucks (for skateboards in case you have girls), that life would end without? remember when you wouldn't ask for anything else EVER, if i bought the harry potter movie the day it was released? HA they will work like slaves this weekend.

the final joy of spring cleanup, besides being able to leave my garage door open without embarrasment. we get to watch the people who drive around and insist my garbage will do them good. hey more power to them, but really, what are you going to do with my busted vaccuum or 2 years passed on weed whacker? last year my neighbor put out a cart with his trash in it. the cart was not meant for trash, merely to hold the things he put out. some guy pulled up and dumped everything out and took the cart, my neighbor had to get in his car and chase the guy down to retrieve his cart.

like i said before this place has to grow on you.

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