Friday, April 21, 2006

now i remember.....

why i stopped feeding the birds, the guilt was too much. we have two other cats who usually partake in the wait and pounce, they are off somewhere i'm sure, sleeping. it is tough to be a cat you know. earlier this morning the 3 of them were perched on the railing at different points watching the feeders. i love the birds though, i missed them last winter when i didn't have feeders out. at least in the winter the cats are too pansy a** to sit outside. i was kind of hoping the cats would have matured past the point of tormenting the birds....guess i was wrong. the one day i had put some leftovers on the deck for the cats and a few finches were on the feeder. you could just see the internal struggle that was going on..."people food yum...ooh birds...people food, ooh birds" . say a prayer for the birds

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