Thursday, April 27, 2006


ok real quick before my day ends...well i should say switches gears. once 3:30 gets here, my day switches from work to kids, sports, dinner etc. anyway i am not a big tv watcher, i watch Sopranos and Big Love on sundays and thats about the extent of my tv. however during the day when i am working i have tv on, i get it on my computer. usually i watch the waltons or littlle house reruns, something like that. today i realized i had seen every episode of both at leat 3 times and was tired of them, so i put on headline news.

umm excuse me headline news? i would think it would cover news, some sports, weather, at least it has in the past. why is it that not one but TWO car chases , or should i say, average speed chases was all they had on for over an hour? first was one in LA next was one in Dallas. these people were not stars (ala OJ), we didn't even know why they were running from police. why then were they news? i could see they would be of local interest, but national news? PUHLEASEEE the worst part, in LA when they finally were able to apprehend the driver there were like 25 police cars pulled around him. no wonder the crime is bad there, the cops are all busy chasing speeders.

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