Thursday, April 27, 2006


we had to go to the vet today, ok well i guess the secret is out so i don't have to whisper. actually, we went to the vet 2 weeks ago, but only 2 of the 3 cats were in attendance. simba chose to be MIA that morning (of course), and forced me to have to make another trek.

after today's visit and his previous miss, i am starting to wonder if he is as dumb as i thought he was. simba and nala(awww how cute, i know) are brother and sister, peanut is my older cat and no relation to the other 2. i at one point was convinced their mom was impregnated by her brother. that is how unsmart they are. but today i am forced to wonder, not only did simba sense the trip 2 weeks ago, despite my best efforts to hide all travel gear until we walked out the door. today he refused to get out of the box once we were at the vets. i had to disassemble the dam box (and they NEVER go back together right), and lift him out. not only that, before i took the box apart, he kept trying to hide his eyes and pretend like he was asleep so he could stay put.

these happenings, PLUS the fact he knew something was up this morning. i learned my lesson the last time and wouldn't let him out until we got back. i threatened the kids with the possibility of rabies if they let the cat out last night. by 5 am Simba was fit to be tied. i kept putting him in the garage. due to the fact that in 6 years my garage has yet to be finished (that is a whole 'nother post), the cats can get into the ceiling of the d/s of the house, then get into the rooms through a broken ceiling tile. they are pros at this i might add and it drives me batty. so i would put him in the garage and within 3 minutes he would be back at my bedside screaming again. then once the kids got up he was sure they would release him and wouldn't give them a minutes peace. then he was pretty sure if he hid behind the couch he could make his escape when the younger 2 went out for the bus, the oldest yells CAT as simba is dashing for the open door, and sweet freedom...that one was close. but i prevailed, and managed to get him to the vet so that we can be rabies free for another 3 years. go me. i am master of the dumb cats...woo hoo

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