Wednesday, January 31, 2007

the snow already

I know I recently requested "some" snow to get my nagging husband off my couch. I do not recall asking for 2 solid weeks of it. Some days we get an inch or two some days we get 6, Monday I awoke to probably 10 new inches. It is getting kind of difficult to tell where the old starts and the new begins. Mainly because I live at the nexus of the universe or something with the wind gusts and all, and drifts get as high as I am tall, but also because there is so much of the damn stuff.

Maria is not a happy camper. Tommorrow they are calling for an actual storm with like a foot or so. hmph

Bitching was not the pointof my post though. This morning, what with snow falling and wind chills below zero, the kids actually got a 2 hour delay. I love the 2 hour delay, not really a whole day, where they will be doing that infuriating talking to me all day, but just enough time so we are not quite so rushed in the morning.

With my middle guy catching the bus at 6:45 am, and the other 2 out the door an hour later, there isn't too much time to relax in the AM. It's nice to have a good breakfast, and the sun actually be out when they leave. No one is too exhausted and they all get up so much easier. With mornings like that the whole day seems easier.

This is the snow from the roof about to hit the snow drifts on the deck. what a view (can u read sarcasm) I used to look out that window and see my ponds, now I see snow, ooh AND ice.

And this poor unfortunate chair is the victim of my laziness this fall, I mean clearly I did not have enough time between October and the middle of Jan to put it away

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Brewster said...

Again, please send some down here!!! We will take it.