Sunday, January 14, 2007


Oldest had Winter Ball last night. He took his new girlfriend and they had a lovely time. He is still grounded, but got time off for good behavior. I will post a picture of the very stunning couple as soon as my desktop decides to stop being an ass, and let me sign on the ole internet with it.

He learned a very valuable lesson last night. In PA, until you are 18, you have a Jr license. You cannot drive between 11 pm and 5 am, with that license. Speedy Mc Leadfoot, decided the square sign with a 45 on it did not apply to him and got pulled over at 11:40 pm. Had the cop been so inclined oldest could have lost his license until he was 18. There is a zero tolerance for speeding with a Jr license. Instead he gave him a warning and a citation for Jr license violation.

This kid learns lessons ALOT. Last summer he luckily blew a 0.0 on a breathilizer, after chugging a forbidden mug o beer at an outdoor festival. He said he was so scared he almost soiled himself. But he got off. His whole grounding is over a BIG error in judgement, luckily we caught him before he had an opportunity to get into big trouble.

He coasts through alot of things and comes out clean. Before football camp they have to have completed certain Accelerated Reader points to participate. He waited until the day before and tried to read an entire book.

Just so you know Friday Night Lights the book, is NOTHING like Friday Night Lights the movie.

He took the test and initially failed, however even though he failed, he aquired enough points to participate in camp.

I worry about the fact he seems to have a golden touch. Or a ton of luck. I'm not sure which it is. He falls asleep in a class, and teachers can't stay mad at him. He is one of those kids. When he brought that ticket in last night I said to him, "You know you got lucky, right?" I say that to him so much it's scary. What happens if his luck runs out one day, or the day he comes across someone he can't bluff or charm his way by. Have I failed in some way because he feels like no matter what he does everything will be ok? Or is that not such a bad way to be.

This parenting thing is HARD

As much as I enjoy watching him become an adult, I long to have my little boy back. I can just tell him to go to bed with no TV if he's bad. And clean his room...lesson learned.

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