Monday, January 08, 2007

yeah so the title is for real

I honestly and truly have nothing to say. I really don't. I got rid of my kids and my husband, and I am so enjoying the peace and solitude that I dare not even begin to think, for fear I will start talking to myself and ruin the bliss.

So I sit quietly and get work done....COMPLETELY uninterrupted. It's reeeaaalll nice. For the first time in my adult life my books from the previous year are complete and mailed to the accountant before June. My employees W 2's are out, all my end of the year filings are filed, my bills are paid and there is none of that signing on frantically to pay directv at 6 am, and my new software is up and running.

I even contemplated switching my Blogger account to new blogger, they are getting a little pushy. But I think I will let that slide just a bit longer. Of course now I have no option but to go clean the house....

I knew there was a reason I kept those kids around...diversion.

Enjoy your peace wherever you find it today

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