Monday, January 29, 2007

Ichabod Crane we are not

If you grew up in the Capital District of New York, you right now get the title. For those of you who didn't, let give you some background.

Imagine it's a snowy Weds morning, you sit by the radio eagerly awaiting the announcement. "Albany public and parochial schools (or whatever district you were in) closed." Nine times out of ten, you wouldn't get your wish. Instead you would pull on those damn rubber boots that never came off easily at school, over 4 pairs of socks (I would have given my right thumb for thinsulate back then), thrown on a coat, hat gloves pulled pants on under your skirt, because God forbid a pair of pants be allowed when it's 5 degrees out and snowing, and trekked the 9/10 of a mile to school.

And yes I am aware that was a very long sentence, and yes I know exactly how far it was because if you lived a mile from school you got a free bus pass.

Who were you cursing the entire bone chilling walk to school? Those damn kids from Ichabod Crane School Ditrict. Why? The mere thought of snow shut that school down tighter than Sr Lois's supply closet.

To this day their snow day free for alls puzzle me. I mean it's upstate NY, the Adirondack Mountains are all around....IT SNOWS. Sometimes it snows ALOT, and it's COLD. Those Ichabod Crane people thought they were in Florida or something.

I thought of good 'ol ICSD this morning, and if my kids knew better they would have been cursing them too. This is what they had to wait for the bus in


Brewster said...

Heck, if there was even one flurry, Ichabod Crane would close!!!! It was just nuts.

Thank you for the words of wisedom. It went rather well. She went ape, but I kept my cool. Well, we will see where we go from here.

Cristina said...

I will have you know, that Ichabod Crane hasn't had a snow day yet this school year! Of course we haven't had any snow as of yet, but....

me said...

oh my gosh!!!! a comment from must be my birthday. lol ICSD will close for something soon, fog or something