Friday, January 12, 2007

in search of...

Have you been shopping lately? Holy crap. It's no wonder I am in a clothes rut. Who is creating the sizes on these items?

must be oompa loompas, because noone else could label that t shirt I saw today as a large and be serious.

For the love of all that is Holy!!!! are you freakin kidding me?

Now I am the first one to admit I am no longer the leetle thing i was back in the day. I know I am carrying around some major junk in da trunk, BUT (hahaha butt) something labelled an XL (16/18) should not only make it past my thighs, it should not casue me to lose consciousness while attempting to see if I had missed a secret button somewhere or something. It should not only fit, but it should be big.

cmon, you know they do that sometimes....the secret button, snap or hook n eye..they do it right? i'm not the only one.

They keep trying to pawn off teens and eating disorders on models. Blame it on the damn clothing manufacturers. I am sooo sick of it. Go into a Hollister store, they do not even carry a misses size over a 9. I bought my neice a pair of sweat pants there for Christmas, they were a Large, she couldn't get them on. Yet her jeans are a 9/10.

There seems to be no happy medium anywhere. I either dress like an old lady or continue on in my jeans and tshirt rut. I even tried plus sizes for tops and sweaters. I guess plus size means you got some knockers cause most of the necklines hit my belly button.

Yeah thats HOT

I miss buying new clothes I do, I used to love to shop. Now I avoid it like the plague. Nothing but disappointment and anger comes of a shopping excursion. Then I am FORCED to buy a bag just so I feel better. My friend and I have a saying "shoes and bags, they always fit".

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