Monday, January 22, 2007

little story

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there were 2 girls. We'll call them M and T. These girls were very good friends, through everything. From Brownies to boyfriends, to boy bands(lol),to weddings, to having children of their own. Their friendship hit hot spots and cold spots, but they always were friends.

One day M was none to happy about a decision T had made. It really was none of her business, but she stuck her nose in where it shouldn't be and decided she knew everything. And T was wrong.

T attempted to patch things with M, but she had pride too and figured if M was going to be that way let her be. That my dear readers was 13 years ago. In that time M thought about T at least once a week. She thought about T's kids on what would have been their first days of school, and wondered how it went. She heard T had had another baby and felt bad she couldn't offer congrats. She heard T had gotten a divorce and suffered that she hadn't been able to help her friend through what was most likely a very hard decision. She wondered what her dear friend had been up to all these years.

Then one snowy Saturday night, M had her home and computer all to herself. She was killing time and looked people up on Classmates. There was T, so M being ever curious, shelled out the 15 bucks to see what her old friend had been up to. M saw pictures of T's children she had posted and could take no more.

Really she remembered why the friendship went sour, but she couldn't remember why it had bothered her so much. It didn't directly affect her, she knew that a long time ago. Pride and stubborness had gotten in the way. M took the step and sent T a short note through the site, asking her to send her an e mail.

And send she did, about a 3 page email chock full o silliness and pictures. M responded back, with an apology and silliness and pictures. And it was like the last 13 years were erased. Phone #'s exchanged and marathon phone calls loom in the near future. Turns out T had thought of M alot the last 13 years too, and missed her just as much. M will be in T's city in a couple weeks, and cannot wait to see her old friend, armed with many pictures and stories from all those years.

We all have someone from our past that we let slide out of life for no reason. Bring that person back, trust me you won't regret it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some pics to gather up.


local girl said...

That is so great that the 2 of you could rekindle your friendship! I'm sure you'll have many years of fun times together!

Anonymous said...

Pride can be a devilish thing. Sadly, it is the wedge that can destroy many things. I am glad to hear though that you chose to take the higher road. Congrats on reconnecting with your friend.

Anonymous said...

AAAWW I love me a happy ending!!

...or should we call this a beginning?