Monday, January 01, 2007

here's to....

my hubs (even though if he ever read this we would probably end up divorced). Today he turns 37 a full 2 mos and 25 days before me. And may we not have a repeat performance of 30, when he ran out and got his tounge peirced (EWWWWW) and he is so NOT like that. It was his first and last delve into the whole body art thing. Thank God for surgeries, when you have them they make you take that crap out and your wife kinda loses the stud. (go me)

May we make it through another year without killing each other to spend yet one more New Year's together, as we have every year for 16 years now. And that's ALOT of New Years.

As happy as I am to see 06 GONE, I am a little weepy today. The years go by too quick. Before the year is out my oldest will have become a senior and it's just too much. This time next year I have a feeling I will seriously be wanting to put the breaks on everything. But as the years progress they seem to go even quicker.

Damn time....Here's to a happy, prosperous, healthy year.

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onetallmomma said...

Happy New Year, my dear. I hope it is one filled with laughter, love and health. And Happy b-day to your hubs!