Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hey google.....****^$*) off

you know when i switched over to the google deal this past weekend, i had to change my sign in info. when i attempted to enter my password, THE password, the one I use for every last God forsaken thing., Google told me it wasn't secure enough and I had to choose a different password.

Hey Google.....I use the same password for everything because I am an idiot who cannot remember her own last name half the time.

Now I have to do everything TWICE because I keep forgetting it changed..the inconvenience.

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movin'mom said...

So did you do the crayon thing too, because I did the google thing and then it offers this crayon thing but when I say yes it says it may lose all my old stuff.....I don't want to lose all my old stuff...I mean I know it's not pulitzer prize winning writing but it's mine dang it!!!