Thursday, January 18, 2007

so it begins

The Hubs and I have found the secret to many years of happiness. We avoid each other at all costs. OK maybe avoid is a bit strong, we do enjoy spending some time together. But I find it is usually in my best interest to have a bit of a break once in awhile.

That time is now.

I know it may sound a bit cruel or uncaring, but right now...right this minute in fact, I just want him to leave my house and do something, anything. Please?

I thought his recent trek to Washington would cure his snow itch, it really only made it itch more. The saying around here is "If poppa ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". Never is that more true, he was fighting with the 8 yr old last night over a video game. It's like some 37 yr old kid is living on my couch, eating all my food, and complaining to the end of time over the fact that we have yet to receive any snow.

Like I control the snow. Believe me if I did, there would be 6 feet of it on the ground and he would be snoozing away the daylight awaiting his nightly snowmobile trek.

If it isn't going to snow then I want Spring so I can throw his ass out to work for 3 months. Absence does make the heart grow fonder you know.


Brewster said...

LOL Well, my wife might agree with you. I haven't been around for since September due to soccer. We have districts next week and then she will be stuck with me until next September.

Good luck. Hang in there.

local girl said...

I agree. My husband and I are bot flight attendants and have to work opposite schedules because of the kids. We see each other a couple of times a week. It totally works for us! I think that's why we're still married! LOL!