Sunday, January 28, 2007

65000 calories and some tv

.....or what I did with my Saturday. Don't you love days like that. OK so my big ol ass doesn't love days like that but I did. I actually got up early and headed out, I was out of bread and youngest had baseball signups. But by 9:30 I was home, back in my sweats and plopped on the couch reading a magazine.

I did do a little work, like cleaned the birdcages (eeewwwww, birds are the WORST pets, anybody want a parrott or 3?), and got the stragglers that didn't get filed when I did all my work earlier this month finally put where they need be. Made 3 square meals, and , and I finally switched to "new" blogger so I had to go to all the trouble of setting up a google account AND changing my layout, cause it's PINK. (sigh) and work hard browsing my pics. And , ummm thats about it.

I was later cruising channels looking for something to watch, and you know TV just sucks. I have no idea how people sit down and watch TV every night, I just don't get it. It is either lame shows or movies I have seen more than 10 times. So my remote finger scooted to the PPV channels, which I always forget about and watched not one, but TWO movies I had never seen.

Little Miss Sunshine, which was effn hysterical. A little raunchy but just my style. And DaVinci Code, which my 13 year old surmised precisely "This movie is confusing". I f I hadn't read the book, I would have no clue about what was going on. And I just didn't like Tom Hanks in that role.

Thats why I usually avoid seeing a movie if I read the book, it is always a let down and it's hard for me to switch my picture of the character to who the actor is. Of course thats also why I couldn't read Lord Of the Rings until after I had seen the movies. Cause Tolkien was just high, and I needed that visual.

I sure hope I can take it easy today, my heart can't stand the excitement.


Jenny said...

I can't wait to see that movie. I've gotta find an extra few hours.

Brewster said...

Well, I am hoping for one of those days soon. Thanks for the talk. I had already made up my mind that tomorrow I am going to confront her mom. My daughter's happiness is all that matters to me!!! She deserves to be happy and I won't be until I at least try. So, wish me luck.