Thursday, January 25, 2007

watch what you wish for

I'm not really sure which is worse, listening to my husband whine over a lack of snow or this

Right this minute I might say he could whine for snow the whole rest of the winter and I wouldn't care. I actually used to enjoy winter. But now I remember why, we lived in a place with normal winter. A few small storms, a couple big snows, and regular old days in between.

Then we moved here. Now it hasn't been bad. I actually have no business complaining. But that's never stopped me before, and it won't now either. I HATE it. HATE...HATE...HATE. The icky icy slush in every parking lot, the icy wipers that you need to stop and smack on the windshield 10 times in a 40 minute drive. The fact it takes 40 minutes to go anywhere it used to take 20 to get to. The deck that I have to shovel off so that an hour later in can be covered again. The white outs, ummm love me some white outs. Nothing like cruising along at 50 mph to suddenly not be able to see 15 feet in front of you. And I can't forget the blowing drifting snow, and that my house is the eppicenter of said snow (as you can see from the pic).

Oh yeah and the best part, my driveway. I have 4 wheel drive and sometimes need a running start to get out of it. Even if it's cleared, the plows come by and leave a foot of snow at the top of it, which, if it gets cold enough will form a wall of ice. As long as I'm ranting over Penn DOT ,we shant forget that at least once every year my mailbox gets it, then I get to dig my mailbox out of the ice and snow to retreive the mail, and try to figure out how to put a new one up with everything all frozen

good times , good times


local girl said...

Okay, I won't ask for snow anymore! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, send it this way!!!! God, do I miss the snow!!!!