Thursday, February 01, 2007


I had this long post in my head all day an ode to February so to say. Then it happened.

After struggling through spelling homework for 45 minutes, my youngest was clearly finished. I sent him to get his bath and get ready for bed. Before the tub water even began running I hear a wail of


I go to the room, ready to break up whatever arguement is escalating and there is the youngest sobbing, not just sobbing..SOBBING.

*sniffle* "m m my f f fish is deaddddd"

why God? why tonight? He was tired to begin with, couldn't this wait for a night when he wasn't already cranky?

I explain to him in my best mommy voice that most goldfish live for just a couple of months, his are like almost 5 years old. if they were people they would probably be 200 by now. This does not help matters, not one little bit. The wailing continues.

He also has a thing about his fish, yeah we've been through this 5 other times. We have to bury them, in the flower bed between the trees, near the pond. Only there's currently 2 feet of snow in the flower bed, between the trees, near the pond. So I mentioned maybe we didn't have to bury this one.

*sniffle* "but he'll be loonneeelyyyyy"

Do not open the foil packet in the ziploc bag in my freezer.

Unless you want some sushi.


movin'mom said...

is everything.

my son had some fish for 2 years and we actually had to go out of town for a funeral...he knew the whole time we were gone (10 days) that the fish was not eating. ..we were prepared....we prepared him. We got home and DANG IT...they were still swimming.

2 weeks later of us being home everyday....
we weren't prepared!

Brewster said...

LOL Yes, it seems that when they are the most tired, that is when everything seems to go wrong. Hang in there.

Bluepaintred said...

sigh, poor wittle fishy. he will be missed