Sunday, February 18, 2007

is it over yet?

How do you know when it's February? It was 23 degrees out yesterday and I washed my car, and wore a sweat shirt outside. That's sad. When 23 is feeling like a heatwave, and the possibility of mid 40's makes you giddy, you know it's Feb.

February and I have a long standing, love/hate relationship. It loves to see me suffer and I hate it for it. But really Feb is one of those months, like May and August. I can't wait for May to end, I love the first weeks of the kids vacation, money is always in good supply and there is a whole summer of laziness ahead of me. August, I love it's arrival, football is within weeks, and school starts at the end of the month. But I dread the end of it, summer goes with it and I hate to see summer end.

Then we have February, it is the month in which I first became a mom, my oldest will be 17 (!!!!!!!!) on the 20th. You would think that would leave a nice warm soft fuzziness in my heart for it. Not really, all February really is, is 28 days of waiting for it to end. The end of Feb is the beginning of Spring, at least in my mind. Work will be in full swing before the end of March, and I am always ready for that. My darling husband will be out from underfoot, and cash will flow. It's also the last of the bitter weather, and I am forever ready for that to end.

I guess if I were more of an optimist I would enjoy Feb, what with all the bad going away with it's departure, but that never really was my style. I'll just swallow it like a bitter pill and Thank God Above it is not one of those 31 day months. I will hide in my snow cave and wait for March (chorus of angels singing). Smiling from ear to ear when it gets here.

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