Wednesday, February 07, 2007

mirror mirror

Mirrors are something there are not a lot of in my house. I don't even own a full length, and the mirror in my bathroom hangs at neck level. I manage just fine this way. I have never been one to scrutinize my appearance nipping, tucking, starightening, etc. My clothes are boring casual, I don't need one.

I know my body is not in the shape it once was. But I accept it and know I am healthy, and exercise regularly, and try to eat well most of the time. Then every once in awhile I go somewhere and catch a glimpse of something I am normally able to avoid. Like my upper arms.

And I want to crawl into a hole and hide.....

I wonder if I would work harder if I had a 3 way mirror in my home, or would I just lose my mind? I'm thinking the mind would go, it's on the brink the way it is.

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movin'mom said...

I think the key for me is my eyes have gone so it always seems as if I am in a carnival mirror.