Monday, February 05, 2007


I have wondered for a good portion of my adult life if our God was a vengeful God. My husband says no, and if I were him, I would be inclined to agree. I just keep telling him God hasn't gotten him yet, but he's due....ooohh baby is he due.

It was proven to me again that God may just be a wee bit on the vengeful side. Literally, as I was reading my last post there after I had published it, you know when I kinda said "ha ha I get to go away", oldest cell phone rings, not once or twice or even three times. It rings incessantly, I hear him switching from call to call, I know what's going on already, but I was in denial.

School is closed again tomorrow. I will never learn.

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Brewster said...

Well, it depends upon your perspective, the Hebrews believe that their God is a vengeful one, Christians believe he is a loving good, Islamic people believe a bit of both. Then if you look into Hinduism, Budhism, etc. they all have other aspects to look into as well. I would rather believe that it is the curse of our parents that cause these things. As we were growing up, my parents always said I hope you have a child that is as bad as you if not worse. Thank you mom and dad!!!!

LOL Hang in there.