Tuesday, February 20, 2007

17 years ago

Seventeen years ago, right this minute in fact, I was most likely crying my eyes out. I was scared and confused, unsure of what the future would bring, How would I manage? How would I make ends meet? What about my plans? WHY GOD? WHY?

ok, I KNEW why, but it still wasn't fair ( cmn i was 19)

I spent the next 6 or 7 hours in tears, throwing up, and in more pain then I ever imagined my body could be in. I was poked and prodded, my long standing relationship with modesty was chucked out the window. I had known this day was coming, in fact I was already 15 days past my due date. But nothing could have prepared me for that day. I had alot of emotions that day, most of all I was scared.

Then something happened, amid all the confusion and pushing and crying, my son was born. I heard his first of many wails of indignation, and KNEW everything would be alright. I knew before I even laid my eyes on him. The rest of my life would be fine. How could anything ever be wrong with this little screaming creature in my life?

Seventeen years ago today I fell in love for the first time in my life....

Can you blame me?


kailani said...

Wow he'll be an adult in no time. Happy Birthday to him!

Brewster said...

Wish him a happy birthday. It is hard to believe how small he was when I held him at the Freez. Time flies when your having fun.

movin'mom said...

Oh...so true...with every day that passes, I know my time with my 15 yr old is nearing his adulthood and just as I stared at him and memorized his face those first few days in the hospital...I find myself doing it all over again knowing that soon he will be on his own and not a part of my everyday. Happy Birthday to your 17 year old. Great post.