Friday, February 23, 2007


Is laziness one of those seven deadly sins? I really hope not, because if it is, I am doomed. All I can think of is that movie Seven, you know, Brad Pitt. I keep invisioning him walking into my living room and finding me surrounded by dirty laundry, dishes, the Nintendo DS, laptop, and several frozen food cartons, and having some witty remark about my surroundings.

Something maybe regarding my spreading thighs or widening ass being so heavy, I couldn't escape from the growing piles of crap, and merely gave up my struggle only to be completely overpowered, and ignored by my family of slobs, who just thought one of the cats was playing in the dirty towels.

You know, or something similar.

Man I CANNOT get motivated. I don't know if it's because my home looked like nuclear war took place in it, when I returned from my long weekend of sun. Yes 10 days ago..I gotta stop milking it. Or maybe I'm just feeling kinda funky. My excuse for not going to the gym is the cold and snow. I just can't bear the thought of venturing out, unless absloutely neccesary. I should have kept my 40 bucks I paid for Feb, and slipped it into my friend, Catch A Wave slots at the casino. My excuse for doing nothing IN the house. To be quite honest, I ain't got one.

Like I said LAZY. I swear I am starting next week off right. Back to the gym Monday morning, and cleaning house this weekend. Wish me luck, I think the boy's socks are taunting me.

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kailani said...

The hardest part is getting started. Once you're on your feet, I bet you'll get a lot done. Good luck!