Monday, February 26, 2007

Two of a Kind

I love, love ,love my car. I do, I love the sunroof, and the heated seats. I love the fact it's got a Hemi, just so I can say.."Yeah, it's got a hemi". I love it's color (blue), and it's dvd player to occupy the chillins on a long drive. I love it's kick ass stereo so I can sing along. I love that my kids can each have a row to themselves should they choose, and I can fit more crap in it than I should be allowed. This morning I realized why I love my car so much...

My oldest's car needed gas, and he was running late. I told him he could take my car to school if he wanted. At school there is a rule that your car must be backed into it's spot. I often wonder if they made that decision after seeing the havoc that 75 16-18 year olds attempting to back out at one time was, or if they were smart enough to know ahead of time. Anyway, he declined my offer to use my vehicle. His reason was he hates to back it in or out of anywhere, because it's "all ass".

We are two of a kind

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kailani said...

I may have to think about that when it comes time for my kids to start driving! LOL!