Wednesday, October 18, 2006

welcome Charlie

During the summer we had a skittish nighttime visitor to our house. he was known simply as "the gray cat". he would sneak in late at night have some cat food, and on occasion doze in a chair. but as soon as he heard anyone come near him, he would scurry out the door. summer turned to fall and we would notice "the gray cat" in the garage, again as soon as anyone came near...away he would run. as the nights grew chillier and i stopped leaving the door cracked for the cats i would put some food out on the deck or in the garage. i was really worried about the poor gray cat, soon winter would come and everything would be shut up tight at night.

i should have known, 2 nights with no house/garage access and "the gray cat" decided maybe he could stand us after all. in he wandered (with some encouragement) one evening. within 24 hours he was snuggled up next to the youngest at bed time. he's still a little skittish, and there is a HUGE turf war going on with the other 2 cats. but he's decided we're worthy of him, so we named him Charlie.

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