Tuesday, October 03, 2006

i quit

this is how i try to envision my life

this is my reality

now if i were an optimist i would say "be thankful you have had the gifts you have been given". given the last 2 months i am way more inclined to say "for this i work my ass off?" some days i just wish wish wish wish wish i would wake up and have things sorted out. i wish i had a me to call when things aren't going well and let them figure it out for me. you know, like i do for half the freakin world? my damn husband included. so anyway the tale behind the pictures..the first is my la la land, there's diamond head in the background, and there i am standing on my lanai taking a pic at sunset. only i NEVER have to leave. the second is what my car looks like after some ass drove into the back of me because i did not get out of his way quick enough, then didn't even stop until he was cornered at a construction site. who told the cops he had a diabetic shock. i am gonna diabetic shock him.

enter the insurance company, first they try to tell me they aren't sure if it can be covered because i was driving home from "work". i explained i do NOT use the vehicle for work, we merely took it to the place where work was being done that day. finally i said well you have my commercial policy too, so which one are we putting it on. then they ask why was my husband in the car? ummm because he was. (long story behind that but i guess you are not allowed to carry unlicensed people in your vehicle?!!?) am i sure i was driving? yeah i'm pretty damn sure, but let's check with the flagger the other guy almost hit when he tried to storm through the construction site. she had a great view of me when she jumped out of his way toward me. $500 deductible? i have to pay it, if i want i can sue the guy personally for it (umm and probably never see it), but they can't ask his insurance for it. oh yeah and we have this great deal for you all you need to do is bring your vehicle to one of our authorized repair places leave it with them and you don't need to be bothered again until the car is done. sounds reasonable, only they forgot to tell me said repair shop will be closed next week, they are moving. so my car probably won't be back for 3 weeks.

however before i went to the repair shop this morning, my MIL called. now i haven't filled you in on her lately. 2 weeks ago she decided she did not want to be here anymore. so she, her hub and my neice moved away. she had this big plan, and basically told my hub "thanks for nothing" when he wasn't able to lend her the amount of $$ she needed right that minute. so she packed up and left, left us with her trailer to clean out, left 3 broken vehicles in the back for us to get rid of, left a ton of crap in our barn for us to get rid of. stuck us for an employee, becuase her hub worked for us, stuck us with $700 in unpaid electric bills. AND took one of our vehicles she was supposed to pay for. she called this morning to ask if her hub could collect unemployment "just for 2 weeks" until they find work. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH she is 4 hours away and STILL asking for money.

oh yeah and i got home yesterday between the accidnet and the insurance there is an IRS letter sent certified waiting for me to pick up.

i need a drink


Brewster said...

Sorry you had such a bad day. If it makes you feel any better, I had to have two of my students arrested today. :-(

but Momma said...

I'd say you DESERVE a drink.

Something good is coming....just hang on.....!