Wednesday, October 04, 2006

how to deal....

whoa, seems i hit bottom yesterday. i spent the day detailing my son's car (read avoiding everything), and cursing my MIL who had used it for the last 6 months, it seems she never got around to getting an oil change, ever vacuuming it, and i believe may have smoked a pack a day in the car, and must have opened 458736 packs of smokes in it, because i could have rolled an entire carton with all the loose stuff i found, in between spilling coffee...EVERYWHERE.

plus i ate about 35 jillion calories, because i figured why the hell am i trying to live longer? bring on the heart attack... and without going into too much detail, i can assure you when i retrieved the mail last night at 8 pm, it spiraled even lower. i am hoping it cannot get any worse. soooo..

one issue will be resolved today, one way or another. the rest i can handle. i am going to the gym to beat up some stuff and coming home to deal with my crap.


Brewster said...

Thank you for your support!! Hey, I am here for you!!! It will get better. Just hang in there.

onetallmomma said...

Oh Babe, major hugs to you. I hope that today was a better day. I have been in the crapper lately as well. You made me laugh. Thank you for that.