Wednesday, October 25, 2006

a break from the maudlin

my youngest is understandably frustrated by being not just the youngest, but the littlest. he longs to be older, stronger and of course...bigger. i have an archway into the kitchen, where i mark the kids growth. until, as was the case with the oldest...i couldn't reach anymore :).

this morning was probably the 10th day in a row, i have caught the youngest checking himself against his last mark. shoes on, shoes off, hair flat, hair unkempt. he is just too darn cute.

so i told him this morning to stop being in such a hurry to grow up. and he told me he had to get bigger before the oldest moved out so he could kick his butt. sweet brotherly love

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Brewster said...

Poor guy. Yes, it is tough when you are the youngest. I see it with the girls. What is worse, though, is poor Kenz is now the middle child in both families and she tries to still be the baby, but also tries to be the big kid.

Anyway, give him my best.