Saturday, October 28, 2006

the healing begins

we weren't able to pull out a win, but the game meant more to my son (28) and his friend (55) than anyone really knew. his friend's regular # is 53, his brother wore 55 when he played. so he wore his brothers #, and everyone had a 55 on their helmets. and i cried when they hugged. and i know that they are helping each other in a way i might never understand.


Brewster said...

I know most people believe sports to be mid-evil, but I will tell you, that is when most of my hurts were healed. Keep your chin up.

Anonymous said...

Well I had to back read a few posts to know what was going on because my computer has been so slow lately.

My heart goes out to your son & his friend for what they are having to go through emotionally right now and also to you...watching him and guiding him through the healing process.

These horrible tragedy's are mind-boggling but because of experience I do know that they are character building I will pray for you guys.

Peace to your son.