Friday, October 13, 2006

did i piss off a gypsie?

i am not an overly lucky person. fortunate? yes. lucky? no. some people wonder the difference, i don't win 50/50's, i am NEVER in the right place at the right time, in order for me to "come out even" requires a series of cosmic events seen less frequently than hailey's comet. but it's ok, i'm used to it. i am not going to win that great vacation, but it's ok because i am fortunate enough to be able to pay for it every couple of years.

so i have accepted this about my life for many years now. lately though, i am thinking i may be jinxed. the other night it was raining ...and getting cold. it was also trash night. so the kids took the trash out in the cold rain and came in. i noticed a few minutes later there was a bag on the back deck. because i am so effn sick of picking up trash that the critters have been throwing across the yard all summer, i decided to just bring it up myself.

threw on my flip flops and a hoodie and went out, recovered the grill, picked up some random socks and sweats that had been left out over the weekend. grabbed the garbage and was oh so happy that the last few minutes had been productive. the air felt good, the rain had let up, i was looking forward to getting my heart pumping for a couple minutes. and.......

proceeded to slip down about 7 of my hard wood front stairs. luckily, my back broke my fall. it seems wearing flip flops on slippy stairs in the dark, maybe wasn't the greatest idea. here's the worst part, the garbage bag i was carrying smacked me in the head. it wasn't enough i was laying unable to catch my breath, pain searing up my spine and arms, a bag of garbage has to whack me in the head?!!? come on

i sat there for a minute catching my breath, wiggling my toes, water seeping into my jeans and hoodie, and throwing the dam trash off myself. walked up the traitor stairs back into the living room....where all 3 of my kids look at me and say "What was that noise?" (!!!!!!!!!) lucky for them it was an effort just to breathe at the minute.

i STILL managed to find a ray of light in all this, yesterday i woke up, anticipating pain in every limb. shockingly enough only my back hurts, and only on the outside where it's bruised. which means i am in pretty damn good shape ...thankyouverymuch, AND i had had a kink in my neck for a couple days before, seems the tumble worked the kink out. of course so would a massage, but i gotta take it where i can get it.

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Brewster said...

Ouch!!! I am glad it wasn't worse. Trust me, after two back surgeries, I am very cautious so that I don't hurt my back. Take care of yourself.