Monday, October 16, 2006

beware the evil germ

has anyone else seen this series on the Today show? for the last few weeks they have been testing everyday places for germs. schools, grocery stores, gyms, airports and hotels...things we use frequently.

every time they bring out these swabs and petri dishes, scream in horror over water stains on ceilings. EVERY thing shows some kind of germ, this could cause the runs, this one could cause the flu, this one could make your head spin, or your arm fall off. ARRRGGGGHHHH

guess what? GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE, this isn't news. germs have always been everywhere. and 99.9% of human beings have the ability to resist these germs and our bodies naturally fight them. just because the stacchioplibicloty (or whatever the hell they find) could cause the runs, doesn't mean it will instantly send you screaming for the nearest germ ridden public toilet, squeezing for dear life.

of course even if you make it to the toilet, the festival of disease waiting for you there will probably land you in ICU. i can't stand it anymore.

things like this series, are turning americans into the most neurotic people on earth. seriously, other cultures are laughing at us. it isn't just the germs, it's everything. our media outlets have become the be all end all of doom sayers. even the freakin weather channel with their "It could happen tommorrow". ok yes a major hurricane could hit NYC and destroy our financial hub. but really what are the chances?

i am not a dirty person, except on the occasional "no shower Sunday" (patent pending), but i am not afraid to flush a public toilet, and i don't freak out if i have to wipe my kids nose before i can completely sanitize my hands. i am not afraid to eat a rare steak, and sometimes the 5 second rule does apply. i do not bring my own blankets to a hotel or wash the sheets that are on the hotel bed before i sleep on them. i go barefoot at every possible opportunity, and i am still alive, after 36 years. wow

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