Friday, October 06, 2006

hi ho, hi ho

ok, so i've been a little down in the dumps lately. (ya think?) but really you know how sometimes you cruise through and everything is going sweet, than BAM. you hit the brick wall. i guess the past few months of headache are payback for my hawaiian summer of bliss last year. which at the time i was enjoying mai tais at sunset, i thought i was finally reaping reward for years of hard work. guess i was wrong. either way life moves forward.

soo problems are hoping to be resolved, a new accountant is on the way. (oh yeah, THOSE kind of problems) and i have made a decision. i am taking the boys to orlando for Christmas. that i will enjoy, and am looking forward to. the youngest was only 4 the last time i was there, and i wanted one more trip with him, before he gets too old. so instead of overloading on gifts, that will inevitably end up in the trash by next years spring cleanup, we are taking a trip. plus when we went last time youngest couldn't swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove, so now it's his time.

i came to this decision once and for all in a fit of delirium yesterday, because it wasn't enough my financial life was spiralling to nether land, God saw fit to strike me with a bout of 36 hr stomach bug that almost killed me. and the unfortunate decison to eat taco bell a couple short hours before it hit. you can only imagine, or maybe you choose not to.

so off i go to use my credit from the missed wedding to book me some airfare, and clean my house. you can picture what a house that was left to my 4 men looks like, after just one short day of incapacitation on my part. it's BAD, haven't they lived with me long enough to know once the garbage starts to spill over it's time to put it out? and they all know how to do laundry, i guess it's just easier to find something "kinda" clean. oh well. ready for a weekend of football, and going to see my nephew on Sunday....CAN"T WAIT!!!

have a good weekend

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Brewster said...

Hey, if you are in the area for Christmas, give us a yell, maybe we can come up and see you. Or not, I know a family vacation sounds like a good thing for you now!!! Anyway, chin up, it will get better.