Thursday, October 26, 2006


ok here is a quick random, in no order whatsoever of what all has been going on.

I got my car back!!!! YEAHH, of course it was done last friday, they called at 3:45 to tell me it was finished. BUT they closed at 4:30 and i couldn't get there until Monday to get it.

on saturday my oldest claims he had "no brakes" , and hit a guardrail, and then had a tire blowout.

on Sunday my middle guy had the best game of his short football career.

also on saturday my hub took the kids out to buy "a weight set", they came home with 7 boxes of contraptions that looks like it belongs in an NFL weight room.

they decided to put it together in the middle of our living area. not exactly the look i am going for.

we realized our shower has been leaking and now the rug needs to be replaced.

it is officially winter, 3 days of those neverending snow showers. and nary a day above freezing.

tommorrow for our last football game of the season, they are calling for rain turning to snow. same for saturday, which is our trick or treat night. woo hoo a weekend in the rain.

i am taking the month of Novemeber, and getting all those 1/2 projects in my house DONE..once and for all. already got the garage done.

7 weeks until we leave for Orlando...yeah.

this also means 8 weeks until Christmas...just what you needed to see.

ah yes, youngest has a spelling test tommorrow that will most likely be disappointing. not only are the words difficult, but the test is mere minutes before the Halloween party and parade. that is just asking for disaster.

why God? WHY?

have a good weekend.......

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