Sunday, October 08, 2006

old and crazy

as fates would have it, we never made it up to see the baby this weekend. middle guy got sick on the way up. i didn't want a) him yakking in the car or needing to stop every 20 seconds or b) the baby being exposed to anything, so we headed home, after just 90 minutes of travel. and my skins lost, there are 4 games i desperately want them to win every year, the 2 games v. dallas, and the 2 v. the giants. so far they are 0 for 2 against both teams now. i am bummed.

during my tavel on Sat night, my little mind got to working. being saturday night, the radio was chock full o hair metal. a few years ago it was 80's flashback, and before that super 70's. when i was young and oh so naive, i remember sitting on the porch with my mom, who was listening to Wolfgang Jack spin some golden oldies, and what did i say? i said what all the rest of us said. I will NEVER listen to oldies.

now i know they aren't labeled as "oldies" any longer, but really where's the difference? and whose idea was it to make those of us past the age of 25 be reminded of just how long ago it was when this was in the top 10? am i not feeling crappy enough that my saturday nights now consist of running my kids, doing laundry, and falling into bed exhausted after a day of errands that cannot be done during the week. i need to be reminded i am now older than dirt because Bon Jovi's Shot through the heart was "their break out hit 20 years ago"? do i need that? really

i didn't think so either.

you will have to excuse me if i am MIA a bit this week. i was browsing an Amazon thing yesterday and saw what i need to do. i need to read The Stand. i have already read it at least 15 times, but it's one of those books, when i feel the urge i gotta do it, and i will not rest until i fall comfortably into that familiar story i love so much. nor will i sleep, or cook, or probably even shower at least 2 of the days. it's how i get once i start that book. and i cannot bring myself to buy a new one, i replaced my first copy when the complete uncut version came out, and that is the one i have to read. even though the pages are most likely going to fall out this time around, i just have to read MY copy. (don't ask, cause i have no clue what is wrong with me)

so enjoy if you have the same glorious weather i do today and tommorow, sorry if you don't, and la di da for you if you always have it. cause they are calling for snow this weekend in my neck of the woods. so i will be on the deck reading today, because i wasn't supposed to be here anyway.

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Brewster said...

Come on, we listen to classic rock. They aren't oldies. LOL