Wednesday, October 18, 2006


remember a week or so ago, when I said i was going to read the Stand? well turns out i never did. when i went to grab it, my eyes wandered to another book that was waiting patiently for me, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.

when the Harry Potter books first came out, i chuckled over the adults who read them. when the movies came out i took my kids, and i enjoyed them, i really did. but i still couldn't see myself sitting down to read them. after the last movie, The Goblet of Fire, I was hooked. i couldn't wait to find out what happened next. so i waited a month or so for paperback , and grabbed what i thought was the next installment. turns out i grabbed the wrong one. thankfully i figured this out within 30 pages. grabbed the right book and looked at it for about 6 months.

i finally finished it last night, i have to say i'm impressed. it was a really good book. God the older i get the more of a hypocrite i turn my old self into. so anyway i'm now real glad i was so brain dead as to buy the wrong book at first, casue now i'm all ready to dig into The Half Blood Prince......and when someone asks me what i'm doing i will still say..."reading that stupid Harry Potter book".

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Jenny said...

I adore Harry Potter. And I'm not afraid to have all the HP collection right next to my Madame Bovary and Jane Eyre.

A good book is a good book!

PS. The Stand rocks.