Sunday, September 03, 2006

weekend in pictures

whole lotta early morning, driving, RAIN and football. why can't high schools get domes? i am off to attempt to raise my core temp in a HOT bath....for the record..oldest won, middle guy lost, youngest won.


Brewster said...

LOL Hey, that is the way football is supposed to be. MUD, RAIN, SNOW, WIND, and the elements are everything about football. Enjoy it while you can.

movin'mom said...

I am still laughing so hard by your comment on mine today! Only a true mom of a teenager would understand.

My oldest son decided to only do the football camp this year so that he could meet kids at the new school, so I only had to do one scrimmage on a sunny day & now he's done. Now my 8th grader has his first game Thursday and yes, it is suppose to rain. I'm with you on the dome thing,,,,even at the jr. high level

me said...

DOMES FOR EVERYONE!!!!!! and happier moms