Friday, September 08, 2006


being self employed AND a stay at home mom has alot of advantages. when i need to be mom, i don't have to call in to work, and my schedule is usually what i make it to be. while my job title runs something like bookkeeperofficemanagerpayrollclerkerrandrunner etc (you get the idea), if i were to do it efficiently (i tried that once...yuck), it would take me approximately 10 hours every week. not exactly oppressive.

ever since the youngest started school all day i started to feel like i should be doing more. i feel guilty if i'm sitting doing nothing in the middle of the day. so i try to keep busy. doing things for school, around the house whatever. so today i woke up and began thinking of all the things i "needed" to get done today. i even decided to forego the gym, i figured i would rather accomplish more around the house in that 90 minutes.

just as i'm about to get started on tearing apart the room i just moved my office out of, my hub calls. just to say hi , oh and they're going fishing today. WHOA, am i a moron? why am i worried about getting payroll done, starightening the new office, catching up on some bookkeeping, and ripping out carpet. while he is going fishing??!!?? WHY?? i ask you...why?

so i did what a smart girl would do....

got a shower got dressed, even put on makeup. got in the good car (not my suv, the sports car), put the top down and went shopping. not just shopping, oh no...i went shopping for NOTHING. i didn't need anything, i was just looking maybe for some shoes. went to bed bath and beyond and bought stuff for the new bathrooms, went to Michaels and got some crafty things, went to lunch with a friend who lives by the mall. and we had (gasp) wine ...WITH LUNCH. then we went shoe shopping together.

and do you know what? it was awesome. and i got home and payroll was still there and filing can be done later, and i hadn't even missed any calls. take that.

and tonite at the oldest's football game...we're tailgating. something hub never wants to do, because he is so anti social. you'll recognize me...i'm wearing my new shoes.


Mommy off the Record said...

Great post! Doesn't it feel good to let loose once in a while and just ENJOY yourself? I'd love to have wine with lunch sometime...I'll have to put that on my "to do" list.

onetallmomma said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.

I would rather go fishing. I'm weird like that.

Brewster said...

LOL That is it, you were off task and going straight to you know where. LOL Okay, anyway, have a good one.

but Momma said...

I'd say you deserved that after fishing, missing a plane and going to a wedding by himself! He's lucky you only came home with new shoes! :)