Saturday, September 02, 2006

it's back..and double the fun

arggg...second day of school, youngest hands over his back pack...inside, waiting, lurking, taunting...the spelling book.

long gone are the days when the teacher would print the words up on a sheet and hand them out, oh NOOOO that would make my life a wee bit simpiler. as was the case last year, teacher puts the words on the board and the kids copy them into the spelling notebook. not a problem for most 3rd grade children.

i said most

my child is, of course, the exception to the rule. he simply cannot pay attention long enough to jot the words down. last year we had 10, this year ....20 . because i am kind of good friends with his teacher last year, i had an in. he would give me printed lists for like 2 months in advance. not that it helped much as far as actually passing the spelling tests, but at least we actually knew what the words were.

on tuesday i opened the notebook to find 5 (yes FIVE) words written down. i asked was he sure that was all the words. why yes mother, i mean what did i think he couldn't managae to copy some words into a notebook. silly me. at football practice one of the other moms, who is familiar with my spelling struggles, says to me..."How did you like that spelling list?"

cautiously i ask, umm yeah, so how many words did your son bring home? 20, was her guarded answer...fearing i may do her bodily damage over my sons inability to write down words. so she runs home and grabs me the list so i can copy them down, not only is he missing 15 of the words, but he has 2 of the 5 he copied down wrong. wooo boy it's going to be a long year


maryjane said...

This cracked me up! :) My son is starting sixth grade this year and I tell ya, spelling is NOT is strong suit. My daughter is 15 and she is a horrible speller too! I think they get it from their dad. :) Good luck!

Brewster said...

LOL Yes, Kenz brings home her list of 20 and yells at me when we study. Not her strong suit. Brittany is a good speller and she is up to 30 since she is in 6th.

And thank you for your talk!!! I can truly tell you are a mom. LOL It sounded like something my mom would have told me.

Either way, it is my funk and I will figure it out soon. I usually get over my funks in time. But, thank you!!!

Jenny said...

I was the same way with math. I think I drove my dad into a nervous breakdown just trying to get through school.

What if you gave him a tiny recorder and had him record the words on the board that way? It's amazing what boys are capable of if you mask it in a "you're a secret agent spy and your job is to PASS SPELLING! Gather all information you can! The safety of the world depends on you!"

Renee said...

hope I got the right blog here...this is what popped up when I clicked the link on Kailani's blog.

the "Take My Breath Away" song on Top Gun is by BERLIN... I know this because I was one of their biggest fans and bought all their albums, for a while. Now they've got a ton more. Oh well.

Hale said...

Not to rub it in, but my daughter has entered the 2nd grade this year, and I keep waiting for her to decide she doesn't want to do her homework.
Thus far, she comes home from school, and goes immediately to her room to do the work.
It might be something in our water, I could ship you some if you'd like.

but Momma said...

They just need a personal secretary. Is that to much to ask?

I think not.