Wednesday, September 13, 2006

legends debunked

if you reside in PA, you may have heard of the parallel parking myth. this legend has been passed down from person to person over the years. rumor has it that when taking your road test you are given 3 attempts to parallel park.

i took the oldest for his road test today, and let me assure you...there is no truth to this myth. and my house has the same # of licensed drivers as it did yesterday. :( poor guy, but it's his own dam fault. he didn't want to practice last night..he was sure you got 3 tries. lesson learned.


long as i'm talking about him, i gotta tell you how proud he made me the other day. yes he irritates and belittles his brothers constantly. and has on occasion made me consider hard drugs, but there is another side. he has a starting role for the one defense they run on varsity. generally once you start either side of the ball it is assumed you will not play JV. the coaches asked him to play JV, he was disgusted. in truth it was more like they needed him. he is a good kicker and punter, and they wanted him to continue to get reps on offense. and he is hardly the only jr or sr on JV.

so i play mom, and say to him..."just go play, have fun. you aren't going to get any offensive play on varsity this year, you may as well" so we went to the game on Monday. ok first of all he did great, caught a td, ran for a couple first downs. and i could see he was having fun, laughing, screwing with coaches and so on. he wasn't playing any d, and after every series he would take the time to talk to the underclassmen and explain to them what went right or help them fix their errors. once he was getting a reverse, and he was OPEN. it was 6, but the qb (a freshman) let go too soon. my son walked up to him after the play, expalined what went wrong and patted him on the helmet. he can be a good kid after all.

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Brewster said...

That is too cool. I used to do that every now and again, but I had graduated already when I went to talk to the kids.