Wednesday, September 06, 2006

am i so transparent?

on Monday oldest and I were discussing curfew. i said 10 was absolutely the latest i would allow. usually it's 9:30 on school nights, but he had napped earlier in the day because it was a holiday. i feel i'm being generous, he argues.

the child is an arguer, he always has been. if anyone was born to instill change, it's him. i am just hoping he puts his powers to good. in all honesty, this kid could go either way. he is the definition of alpha male, and any attempt to instill that thing called modesty have been dismissed.

so in the discussion of curfew, i said to him "You WILL be in this house by 10" his reply to me is "Or what? You're going to ground me? My life is school and football anyway, what are you gonna take away?"

am i more incensed because he is arguing, or because i know he's right? so thinking quickly on my feet i reply " well we'll just see when i let you get your liscense". he is eligible on the 11th to get his drivers license. his answer to this?

"you want me to be able to drive, more than i do anyway. you'll let me".

foiled again, can this kid read my mind? but i am not giving up all hope yet...he was home by 9:55.


onetallmomma said...

Football. In my house that would be the activity that would be eliminated for not respecting the house rules. After I had removed everything from said child's room but a mattress on the floor. Good luck. Teenagers are hard.

I raise my glass to the owner of another blood thirsty critter killer! Cheers!

Brewster said...

LOL Boys. I will trade you.

Hale said...

I tried to pull that stuff with my parents when I was about that age.
I was a starter on the varsity basketball team, and it was THE most important thing in my life.

They figured out how to fix me pretty good.
They made me miss practice one day.
The next day after practice, my coach called me into his office, and I had to explain to him why I missed practice. It was pretty embarassing. I didn't start the next game, and I ended up shooting a whole bunch of free throws for the next few days after practice.

So, not only was I busted by my parents, but also by my coach. That was the last of the trouble out of me.

Something you might give a shot?

but Momma said...

Yikes! How many days till college?