Tuesday, September 26, 2006

blech..scuse me. i'll be back soon. i am sick and whiny. if you caught either of the 2 posts i wrote then deleted. you already know that. there is a lot of negative stuff going on right now, and it has me bummed. and writing it out only makes it worse. but this makes me smile....be back with flowers and sunshine soon.


onetallmomma said...

Let's get together for drinks. I'm feeling whiny, cranky and blue myself. Full moon???

onetallmomma said...

Back again.

Thank you for the kind words yesterday. I have my new little purple "happy" pills. Let's hope they work. And yes, it's the kids that keep me going. But they should not be the only source of light in my life.

Brewster said...

Get well soon!!!! Hey, isn't it me that is always on the dreary side? ;-) Cheer up, it could be worse, you could be me. LOL