Friday, September 15, 2006

looking forward to Monday..

seriously, all week i kept saying i couldn't wait until friday, really just get me to monday. i don't know what i was thinking. there is football tonight, tommorrow i have to get oldest to school by 8:30..for what else? football, when he is done with that i have to take him shopping for a suit to wear to a wedding next weekend. but that needs to be finished and i have to be on the road to the younger 2 football games by 3:00. which i won't get home from until 9 at the earliest. sunday we have a basket raffle for midget football, 10 am until probably 4.

PLUS i feel like the worst mother on earth right now, youngest just was not getting his spelling words this week. we have written them, sung them, chanted them. spelled them over and over and over. i honestly don't know what more i could have done. today is his test and i have a BAD feeling about it. and i hate sending him out feeling like he is unprepared. but i did the best i could. keep your fingers crossed, this one could be ugly.

hey and have a nice weekend.....someone may as well.

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Brewster said...

Hang in there!!!!! Hope of all Hopes that he does well.

Could be worse, you could come down here and help me pressure clean the deck, drive and house, shampoo the carpet, and patch a hole in the ceiling before they come to show the house tomorrow.