Friday, September 22, 2006

got bit in the arse

throughout my life, i have listened to all genres of music. as a wee girl i danced to the bee gees, and mimicked mick jagger (quite well i might add). i fell for duran duran, and did the teeny bopper thing. became a hair metal chic, BEFORE headbangers ball. would chill out to kenny g. you name it, i listened. to anything EXCEPT country.

i could stands for no country. it made my ears turn black, and i would hack up a lung if forced to listen to it. sourtheren rock? no problem...johnny cash? problem. i even mocked a friend of mine who "turned" country, after she and her hub began taking 2 step classes in the early 90's. unfortunately i mocked them to my hub, who has also been the recepient of ridicule over his ability to tolerate the c & w.

so i don't need to tell you what comes next, do i? i can't help it. i fell for it. shania twain singing her heart out did it first. and every once in a while i wouldn't hit the seek button quick enough and not hate the next song so much. it was the beginning of the end. but it's fun, usually. it makes me laugh and cry. and sometimes i think, "wow i could be THAT guy, life ain't so bad" it makes me tap my toes, and sing out loud.

i managed to hide this affair from my hub and kids for quite some time. i knew the ridicule would be never ending. i even hid a shania twain cd in a kidz bop case so noone, but the kid who couldn't read would ever find it. i was doing ok....then it happened. the pressure was too much. scanning past songs i wanted to sing, pretending i didn't want to go see brooks and dunn last year. i cracked, a couple months ago hub and i were in the car, that song "1970 something" was on. i had to stop and listen, i tried to pretend like i just liked THAT song. but "live like you were dying" came on after, and i was toast.

it hasn't stopped yet...

hub in a girlie voice (which i do not have): "i haaaate country music" , "country music is sooo gay", "can you believe people listen to that?", "i'll NEVER listen to country"

and my personal fav......"you are such a redneck geek"...but it was deserving when i said it. little did i know my wit would be used agianst me one day.

fear not i did attempt to put the blame on him....he moved me to this God forsaken neck of the woods, where there is sometimes nothing else to listen to. plus HIS kids have completely taken over the cds in the car. leaving me not much option when forced to drive FOR WORK, hour after hour after hour. if he would have gotten me sirius sooner this never would have happened. it was listen to country or go insane from the silence.

i am hoping the novelty of making me eat crow wears off this decade. i'm thinking it might not.

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Brewster said...

LOL Never, ever, in a million years will you get me to listen to that garbage!!!! Enjoy!!!