Thursday, August 03, 2006

time for a swim

why did i not buy a pool this year? what was i thinking? the kids have begged for years to get a pool.. and hub and i had kind of tossed the idea around a bit. the thing is usually summer here is very manageable. high 70's, cool nights. and actually it rains quite a bit. so we use the town pool on hot days and deal with it. next year i am getting a pool. i don't care if i only use it 6 days a year, i am not even taking the chance on this kind of hell again.

used to be a day when the mecury would rise and i would need no further excuse, hey the kids were hot. off to the pool. pack a bag, head to the pool, and claim my spot near the baby pool. where i would sit and chat and enjoy my afternoon. then something changed, my youngest got too old for the baby pool. so i would still go and sit and chat with everyone sitting at the baby pool while keeping an eye through the fence on the youngest. then last summer it happened. i was no longer needed at the pool. my neice would go and watch the youngest and all was well, but i could still go if she was busy.

this year even she doesn't need to be there, much less me. i hate it. i drop the kids off at noon and every day say i will come down for an hour before it's time to leave. but it never happens, something is waiting to be done, or phone calls to make. mom never seems to get there. i'm really bummed.

the year i was pregnant for the youngest i had tan lines that lasted until January. the only way i'm even coming close to that again is to put it in my yard. i will be a waterlogged momma next year.

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