Wednesday, August 30, 2006

school days

my, my,my how time flies when everyone leaves me alone. school started for everyone yesterday. the younger 2 had to go on Monday, oldest had an extra day...which of course, was an injustice the likes of which has never been seen before.

Monday morning dawned a bit gloomy but there was excitement in the air. the middle guy has to get the bus at 6:45, so our day starts early. this is his first year at the jr/sr high school, and he was a little excited. he poppped out of bed and was ready to go in record time. talking about getting to classes, filling his backpack with folders and notebooks, pens, pencils. reading his schedule over and over..his anticipation was interrupted only momentarily when the oldest came out of his coma just long enough to yell something about middle guys sexual orientation, and remind him that he would be spending the day on the couch.

out he goes for the bus, a few minutes early chatting away. 15 minutes later it was time to get youngest up. this was not quite such a pleasant experience. he crawled back under the blanket no less than 10 times. litterally crawled to the couch dragging his blanket behind him, rolled off the couch after i told him 3 times that he had to go get dressed. grumbling under his breath school was gay, why did he have to go to school. eating breakfast so early was gay, why couldn't he wear his flip flops? his feet were choking in his sneakers.

breakfast takes entirely too long, brushing teeth takes 5 reminders and threats of missing the bus. silly me...missing the bus is not a threat..he says to me "good then i can go back to bed". all he needs in his backpack is a football. so we argue over what is going in. out the door, i swear to God..the kid sticks one arm out the door and's cold, i can't go. mom 1 kid i watched the bus carry my grumbling little 3rd grader, complete with choking feet and bed head, away, i could hear the pop of many a cork.

similar reactions upon return, middle guy eagerly gets out his books to cover, prepares notebooks and binders. lines up papers for me to sign. chatting away about his day. and hour later the bus approaches and i hear a voice bellow..."FREEDOM" as youngest comes down the driveway. not sure if he has homework, not sure if he has spelling words, but knows he has to wear a "stupid" tie on Thursdays to get upees. (upees are like reward money they get to use in the upee store on certain days). thats it..nothing else. he remebers nothing about his day, can't remeber who is in his class, and isn't sure what happened to his pencil bag.

oldest finally went yesterday, armed with his gym bag and a pen. he actually took a notebook and his backpack today...i won't see it again until may.

it's gonna be another long year...but at least the house is blissfully quiet...ALL DAY LONG


Brewster said...

LOL Enjoy it because we are the poor souls stuck with them the other 9 months out of the year. LOL

maryjane said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the way you write! As I have been reading blogs here and there, it's really funny how all of the MOTHERS out there are writing about the first days of school and our kid's reactions to them! I only have two, but it's always interesting to get the new school year rolling!